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Catholic in Tradition, Biblical in Faith, Sacramental in Worship

Catholic in Tradition, Biblical in Faith, Sacramental in Worship

Catholic in Tradition, Biblical in Faith, Sacramental in WorshipCatholic in Tradition, Biblical in Faith, Sacramental in WorshipCatholic in Tradition, Biblical in Faith, Sacramental in Worship


A Quick Peek Inside Our Doors

Worship with Us

We seek to "worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness,"  following the Anglican liturgy found in the Book of Common Prayer (1928) and the Anglican Missal. 


7.35 AM Morning Prayer 

8.00 AM Holy Eucharist (said) 

9.15 Bible Class 

10.30 AM Holy Eucharist (sung) 

11.45 AM Fun, Food and Fellowship  

As much fun, food and fellowship as Anglicans allow themselves to have

1.00 PM - Evening Prayer during the summer

4.00 PM - Evening Prayer  rest of the year

4.00 PM - Evensong  on the Second Sunday of each month

Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays

11:45 AM Morning Prayer

12:00 noon Mass

7.00 PM - Evening Prayer

Holy Days as above

For each weeks schedule of Saint's Days and Holy Days, see the schedule on our "About Us" page

Learn with Us

Bible Class

On Sunday mornings at 9.15 our Bible Class meets in David Hall for a 45 minute session led by Fr Wilcox. We are currently reading through the Book of Genesis (we don't meet on the third Sunday of the month)

Book of Common Prayer

On Tuesdays from 1.30 till 3.30 we have a class in the Book of Common Prayer, with emphasis on its history and theology.

"Vestry Day Class"

On the third Sunday of each month, from 11.45 AM till 12.30 PM, we hold a discussion class on some pithy topic. This is a parish where everybody has an opinion! 

Help Us Help Others

Parish Food Closet

We collect non-perishable food items throughout the year and every two months we caravan the donations to the New Braunfels Food Bank

Options for Life

Every Lent we raise money for an annual gift to the New Braunfels "Options for Life" Program, supporting young, single mothers struggling to raise their children. We also have an OfL Collection Jar in our parish hall for through-the-year donations.

Veterans' Charities

On Memorial Day and Veterans' Day we take up special collections to help wounded and disabled veterans. At Christmastime, we lay wreaths at the graves of departed veterans.

The Bell of St Joseph's and Other Fun & Fascinating Facts

When you come by the church, take a look at our "new" old bell, a bronze 100 -year-old beauty with a rich tone that carries all the way down to the river when it rings! The stained glass windows in the church are less than 20 years old, but are closely-patterned after stained glass seen throughout the South from about 1870-1920 (St Joseph's boasts the only Men's Room in central Texas with its own stained-glass window). St Joseph’s chalice and paten were originally given as a gift to the first Episcopal Bishop of Quincy, Illinois, the Rt Rev Thomas Burgess, in 1878. As the hallmark under the base of the chalice shows, it was made by the Gorham Manufacturing Company, the leading silversmiths of 19th century America. How St Joseph’s came into the possession of a chalice & paten owned by a former Yankee chaplain in the War Between the States is a tale worth hearing (but at another time and in another place).  

“Male and Female Created He Them”

A Study of the Teaching of the Bible and the Church about Gender, Sexuality and the Image of God

“The times they are a-changin’” but nowadays so fast not even the internet can keep up. Gender is a term many of us first learned when we began to study language: depending on the language, nouns were masculine, feminine and sometimes neuter. Gender is much less a grammatical category today than a sociological one, and the University of Texas recently released a document recognizing sixty-three “genders, the first being “Masculine Homosexual Man” and the sixty-third is “Androgine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale.” 

Scripture and the Church’s Tradition insist that sexuality is a gift of God that helps us know who we are, how we relate to each other AND to God. Most all of us have friends and family members who have adopted “lifestyles” outside of the bounds of Scripture and Tradition. We mustn’t turn away from them and the rest of the world but before we question others, it’s needful to understand and grasp what we can of that Tradition. 

Beginning Sunday, July 7th and continuing till Sunday, August 25th (excepting vestry Sundays on July 21 and August 18th), we’ll meet from 9.15 AM till 10.00 AM to study and discuss the teaching of Scripture and the Church on this topic. Bring your Bible (if you can find it!), your thoughts and questions. This isn’t a lecture but a study and discussion. 

Most especially, I want to emphasize that while the teaching of Church and Scripture must have a negative aspect (“Thou shalt not…”) it is essentially based in the notion that what God created, with human sexuality expressed as male and female, is good. It’s an essential part of who we are created to be. To address the confusticating issues of our day and in our own families, we Christians must honestly and faithfully find and face the truths God has implanted in the core of who we are. I hope you will come and join in if you can. – Fr Gregory Wilcox

Today at St Joseph's - the Second Sunday after Epiphany

Sunday, January 19 - the Second Sunday after Epiphany

7.35 AM - Morning Prayer

8.00 AM - Low Mass 

9.00 AM - Vestry Meeting

10.30 AM - Sung Mass & Sermon 

11.45 AM - Talking and Treats in David Hall

1.00 PM - Evening Prayer


This Sunday…     

 …we’ll announce the Queen of Pancakefest 2020, chosen, as Scripture saith, “by lots” from the Kings’ Cake last Sunday. A parchment proclamation making public the name of the Queen will be posted at the entrance of both the church and David Hall early Sunday morning. Pancakefest this year will be celebrated on Quinquagesima Tuesday, February 25th (commonly called Shrove Tuesday). For more information on the evening, read the “Upcoming” section below…we’ll bid a fond Bon Voyage to Judith Goody, who’s been with us for about the last five or six weeks, visiting Texas to see if she’s up to moving from her lifelong home in southeast England (she lives in the rural town of North Weald Bassett, about 20 miles northeast of London) to somewhere in the Hill Country. She’s been a delight for everybody to chat (and chat and chat) with after the late Mass on Sunday; we’ll mis her and a lot of people are hoping she’ll decide to come back to become a hyphenated Texan. Before she leaves on Sunday, we’ll say a few prayers over her and douse her with a little bit o’ holy water…the Sanctuary Lamp this Sunday burns with intention for Jan Bates and her family, Pauline her mother, her brother John, her son Jesse and daughter-in-law Alison and their children, Ann, John and Leo (who is named after Pope St Leo the Great, which warmed my heart to hear); we’ll remember all of them specially at each of Sunday’s Masses… 


…next Sunday, January 26th, is the Third Sunday after Epiphany; the Gospel for the day is that of the Marriage in Cana and during both Masses we’ll have a blessing of Married Couples (with a special blessing for Christopher and Lindsey thrown in, since they’ll – deo volente – be pledging themselves one to another soon after Easter)…our Vestry has set Sunday, February 2nd, 2020, as the date for ourAnnual Parish Meeting. The official notice required by our By-Laws will go out in Tuesday’s mail, Monday being a government holiday. Please mark the date; as we’ve done before, we’ll combine the two Masses that morning into a single service at 9.30 which we’ll follow with breakfast and our meeting…Septuagesima Sunday, February 9th, begins Pre-Lent; at 9.30 that morning we’ll Bury the Alleluia with all the appropriate solemnities. The Alleluia coffin will be near the entrance to Omar’s Room throughout the week previous to receive your Alleluias…as mentioned above, Pancakefest 2020 is Tuesday, February 25th; our ceremonies for the evening will include the Coronation and Enthronement of the Queen, the Procession to the High Table of the First Pancake, the Singing of the Pancake Carol and then the relative turmoil ensuing on the Eating of the Pancakes and Sausages by All Present. As custom requires, we’ll then have The Telling of the Jokes, Choosing of the Winning Joke and Presentation of the Joke Gift. We’ll conclude the evening’s observances with the Forgiveness Circle and Reading of the Lenten Collect. All this begins with Evening Prayer at 6.00 PM; reserve your seat and prepare your joke…

And finally…      

 …stop and give Larry Mooney a big kiss the next time you see him. The last two Sunday afternoons, while most of us were lunchin’ and nappin’ after church, Larry spent both afternoons visiting half-a dozen nursing homes and senior care facilities all over New Braunfels. He carried with him most of the 29 extra-large poinsettia plants which graced St Joseph’s throughout Christmastide and distributed them among individual residents of those oft-times sadly and lonely places. Larry didn’t drop off the poinsettias in the lobby and skedaddle, which is what I’d be inclined to do. He walked around, spoke to people and found those whose lives he thought would be most brightened and then gave them away, complements of St Joseph’s (he put a church business card in each pot). As most of y’all know, I’m a firm believer in purgatory (Dorothy Sayers, the mystery authoress and theologian, once said “the road through purgatory is the only road that will take many of us to Heaven”), but I’ve gotta tell you this, whatever road though purgatory Larry Mooney has to walk will be lined with rows and rows of poinsettias.… 

The Goings-on at St Joseph's This Week


See this week's Liturgical Schedule on our "About Us" page

Sunday, January 19 - the Second Sunday after Epiphany 

 9.00 AM -   Vestry Meeting  (David Hall)

11.45 AM - Talking and Treats after Church (David Hall)

 Wednesday, January 22 – St Vincent of Saragossa, Deacon & Martyr, AD 304

Office Hours: 11.00 AM - 7.00 PM  

 1.30 PM - Lunch and Class


Thursday, January 23 – St Agnes of Rome, Virgin & Martyr, AD 304

Office Hours: 11.00 AM - 7.00 PM

7.30 PM - Confirmation Class

Friday, January 24 – St Timothy, Disciple of St Paul, Bishop & Martyr, AD 97

Office Hours: 11.00 AM - 7.00 PM  

This Friday is a Day of Abstinence   

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